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Ronaldinho Gaucho Kicks
Ronaldinho Gaucho is practicing his technique to improve his accuracy when kicking footballs. To help him master his accuracy, we have to gather 3 or more balls of the same colour, making them disappear before they reach the goal.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Tricks
Play with Ronaldinho Gaucho in the most famous puzzle game ever! Join the same coloured ball like shapes together and complete the lines to make them disappear.

Ronaldinho Gaucho Tricks is a new way of enjoying a classic game.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Bubbles
Our mission in Ronaldinho Gaucho Balls is to help the soccer kid to gather all the balls after training because the trainer is a really demanding man and wants everything to stay perfect. All you have to do is to group balls in threes to make them disappear.
Showing GAMES 21 to 23 of 23
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