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LemonQuest is a global mobile games and applications publisher for major brands, with a comprehensive catalogue of content. Be sure to check out our complete list of casino sites here.
LemonQuest also develops some of the world's most innovative and exciting mobile games and applications.
Our company delivers mobile content over 48 countries worldwide.
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Hangman +Bluetooth
Board Game
Discover the secret word hidden in the game before your character is hung.
Get ready to experience the passion and excitement of real SCX on your mobile handset, like never before!
Be ready to enjoy Guess Who? on your mobile phone for the first time. Have fun with one of the most popular and entertaining board-games ever known. Ask a series of questions to discover the identity of the mysterious face before your opponent does.
Angels and Demons: The Trial of the Illuminati
Board Game
In Angels & Demons: The Trial of the Illuminati players must follow the Path of Illuminati in Rome to prove their logic, math, geometry and observation skills, following different places related to the four elements.
Mobile Dictionary
The ultimate dictionary arrives to mobile phones. Its database includes more than 14.000 words and will let us to solve any doubt in any situation: traveling, working...
Mobile Dictionary is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
Now you can have underground maps of the main European cities and also Los Angeles and New York in the USA right in your mobile phone. Those guides include all the information needed when traveling using the suburban trains.
Da Vinci Behind the Secret
Discover the hidden secrets within Da Vinci's paintings. Travel around the world to solve the mysteries, comparing the actual paintings from the fake paintings. The more clues you find, the closer from the solution of the mystery left by Da Vinci you will be.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Street Soccer
Have you even wondered how would be to play a match with Ronaldinho? Now you can enjoy football in its pure state with Ronaldinho Street Soccer.
Da Vinci Code Decoded
This is a revolutionary product based on the famous Da Vinci Code Decoded documentary that gathers learning and playing within the same title.
Cyberpunk Arasaka's Plot
Adventures / RPG
Cyberpunk is one of the most acclaimed role-playing games in the last years. Now you can enjoy the game for mobile phones. The videogame offers exceptional aesthetics and futuristic settings.
Discovering Angels & Demons
Board Game
One of the most original and innovative titles of the year, gathering in the same product a multimedia encyclopedia and a thrilling videogame.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Goal!
Ronaldinho Goal lets you to experience training with the Brazilian star. Dribble around the pitch avoiding the rival defense.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Kicks
Are you ready to help Ronaldinho Gaucho improving his abilities to be the best player in the world? Prove your accuracy kicking the ball in this funny game.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Tricks
Play with Ronaldinho Gaucho the most famous puzzle game ever! Fit the ball-made figures together and complete the lines to make them disappearing. Advance thought several amusing levels facing different challenges.

Ronaldinho Tricks is a new way of enjoying a classic game.
Ronaldinho Gaucho Bubbles
Our mission in Ronaldinho Gaucho Balls is to help the Brazilian soccer star to gather all the balls after training because the trainer is a really demanding man and wants everything to stay perfect. All you have to do is to group balls in threes to make them disappear.
20/02/2007 : LemonQuest will launch a line of mobile games featuring Ronaldinho Gaucho
LemonQuest is about to launch a series of games in which players will be able to live the emotion of street football.
18/02/2007 : LemonQuest acquires the Chinese company i4Game
LemonQuest today announced the acquisition of the Chinese company i4Game, an innovative developer of mobile games.
30/01/2007 : LemonQuest at the 3GSM Fair
LemonQuest will have a stand in the 3GSM Congress at Barcelona
30/09/2006 : LemonQuest will develop Call of Cthulhu
The most popular story from Lovecraft's universe will be taken to mobile phones by LemonQuest on 2007.
28/09/2006 : Launched again!
Lemonquest finally launched a brand new website with plenty of corporate and game information.
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