Call of Cthulhu: Darkness within
An ancient evil is about to rise

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Game Genre : Adventures / RPG

The news has spread all around the world: a recent earthquake has unveiled the ruins of an ancient city buried under the burning sand of the Egyptian desert, near Cairo. Such an extraordinary phenomenon and surprising discovery has immediately attracted the interest of the Cairo Museum, which has been assigned with the responsibility of the site exploration.

The museum director, Professor Cornelius Osgood, dean of Miskatonic University and your thesis advisor, will lead the archaeologist and palaeontologist investigation teams that have been assigned. He has decided to give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to carry on the practice of your studies in old civilizations by requiring your presence in the hot Egyptian desert. Something you never thought would happen.

Sadly, not all is as you would have expected. Your arrival to the site coincides with the death of your tutor in what appears to be an unfortunate accident. And the strangest of all: the Proffesor´s diary spoke about a rare object discovered after the earthquake: a rare stone of unknown origin that was found by one of the children in the area. He was expecting your help to discover its source. The stone has disappeared and you will soon realise it may be the reason to suspect that Corneliu´s death was not accidental.

With the help of the only person you can trust, an old university friend of your tutor, who was also called on by Cornelius, you will begin a dangerous adventure in order to discover what is hiding inside the remains of an antique culture. Even older than human civilisation and full of dark dangerous secrets.

  • Revolutionary graphic adventure based in the famous Role-playing Game published by Chaosium Inc.
  • Discover more than 30 unique locations and encounter more than 50 characters
  • Solve a large variety of story-related puzzles
  • Intrigue, emotion and addiction within the same title
Call of Cthulhu: Darkness within

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