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Pictocross Mobile is GOLD
Date : 11-20-2007

Guaranteed enjoyment with a very special crossword

Pictocross Mobile has already been released and it's available for all users in Europe. This product requires the players to solve lots of number-based attractive and fun puzzles, by trying to find a concealed drawing in each one. They will have to fill in the boxes they think are part of the drawing, and mark those which are not with an x. Their only help is a series of numbers appearing beside each column and row and will indicate how many boxes must be occupied and how to do this.

Pictocross Mobile is presented as the evolution of the classical Sudoku, with the addition of new attractions and fun. Its diabolical gaming is assisted by a simple and effective control system.

It also involves a careful, fun designed graphic aspect, which few can resist. This new LemonQuest title will be one of the most addictive and original launches created for cell phones up to now.

Pictocross Mobile arrives on the market as a new phenomenon which will excite all kinds of users. Neither age nor experience matter, Pictocross Mobile is pure entertainment.


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11-20-2007 : Pictocross Mobile is GOLD
Guaranteed enjoyment with a very special crossword
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