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Cyberpunk now available on mobile phones
Date : 14/03/2007

LemonQuest have announced the launch of one of the most widely acclaimed role-play games of all time.

Madrid, España - March 14th 2007-

LemonQuest have today announced the release of the videogame Cyberpunk: Arasaka´s Plot for users of the world’s leading mobile phone operators. Fans of this hugely successful role-playing game, which was created by R. Talsorian Games and spawned its own “Cyberpunk” genre, can now experience the game which inspired a host of science fiction movies, on their mobile phone.

Cyberpunk: Arasaka´s Plot is set in the year 2022, when the world is enduring an uneasy period of peace between two heavily-armed corporations, Arasaka Corp and Militech. Players take the role of the mercenary Sam Gibson, under contract to Arasaka. A routine infiltration mission sends Gibson deep into the heart of the confrontation between the two corporations, where he follows an action-packed trail uncovering all the details of the game’s shadowy plot.

Yet another stand-out feature of LemonQuest’s latest release is its exceptional graphics and in-game atmosphere, which draws heavily upon several basic principles common to role-playing games. All of which combine to provide an adventure to delight and entrance any player, and which will include a host of features unique to this genre of games.

The producers of Cyberpunk: Arasaka´s Plot have focused on the twin elements of superb quality and playability, with the result that this game is technically one of the finest products of its kind yet released. With its painstakingly rendered graphics, fluid and realistic animation, an absorbing storyline and highly addictive gameplay, Arasaka´s Plot is a game not to be missed.

Find out more about this game at Cyberpunk minisite


14/03/2007 : Cyberpunk now available on mobile phones
LemonQuest have announced the launch of one of the most widely acclaimed role-play games of all time.
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