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Welcome to LemonQuest´s help section. Here you will be able to find answers to frequently asked questions that are related to how to buy our games, payment options, and also some solutions to problems that you may encounter. The answers can easily be found by searching through the categories. If you cannot find an answer to your particular question, please don´t hesitate to contact us. Our support email is
07-24-2008 : Circulate Prologue now avaliable! The new revolution for iPhone and iPod touch
Rediscover the original and exciting concept of Circulate, one of the best puzzle games of all times, now including new features specialized for these platforms.
07-17-2008 : New Monster Jam® Game about to be released
15 Levels of Mobile Motor Sports Mayhem, Multiple Game Modes, and Superlative Graphics Engine Optimized Specifically For Portable Devices Featured in Monster Jam Game Inspired By The Largest and Most Popular Monster Truck Brand
06-15-2008 : LemonQuest buys Jia-Shi, a China-based company specialized in MMO games
LemonQuest puts the stress on the Asian market in its geographical expansion strategy.
04-24-2008 : LemonQuest, in the European Red Herring's Top 100
Red Herring includes LemonQuest in its Top-100 list as the only Spanish company on the “Entertainment and media” field.
04-16-2008 : Circulate, ready for take off
The acclaimed puzzle will arrive to mobile telephones sometime in the beginning of May.

First Steps

Creating a Profile will let you create and store a profile for yourself that will include certain information to make the buying process easier. You simply need to let us know which mobile telephone you have (the make and model), along with which service provider you use. You will always be able to update your profile in the case that you change your mobile or provider. Once you have made a profile, it will be much easier to buy games both now and in the future.

When you have created your profile (which does not require you to register), you will be able to use the option "Filter results to compatible games for your phone" while using the search bar so that you will be able to see games that are exclusively for your mobile.

Other Considerations
To download a game you will need to enable the WAP functions on your phone, which may require that you get in contact your service provider. Additionally, the purchase of a game is only valid once. Once the game has been downloaded and installed, if you accidentally erase the game or change phones, you will have to buy the game again.

Buying a Game

How do I buy a game?
In order to buy and download a game from our site you will need to activate the WAP function on your telephone. Once this is done, choose the game you want from our webpage and click on the button that says "Buy this game".

At this point you will have to select the maker of your phone (Nokia, Siemens, etc.), followed by the model number. You will then be asked to choose a payment method (for more info, see our section on "Payment Options"), and you will have to follow the steps outlined for that particular method. After payment, in about 5 minutes or less you will receive a text message with the URL to download the game immediately.

Security: Are there risks to making a purchase from
There are no risks. Everything is completely secure. You will not be making the transaction through the actual website but through pay pal or your phone, so there are no security issues. In addition, any information that you send to us will not be kept by LemonQuest for any reason, nor seen by any of our employees. There is no risk to you or your confidential information.

I still have not received the game. How long should it take?
Generally you should receive the game within just a few minutes. However, if this is not the case, under some rare circumstances it is possible that it could take up to an hour. If more than 24 hours have passed and you still have not received the game that you purchased, we recommend that you contact LemonQuest through their support email and we will help resolve the issue..

I have accidentally erased the game from off my phone, can I download it again?
As previously explained, the purchase of the game only allows you to download and install the game one time. If you erase the game, format your phone, or lose the game for any other reason, you will have to purchase it again.

If there is any sort of problem with the game that is related to an error on LemonQuest´s behalf, or if the game needs to be updated, we will send you the new version without any extra cost to you beyond the fees that your service provider may charge for using the WAP.

Return Policy
LemonQuest does not make cash returns once you have completed the download of one of our games or contents. If the download was begun but could not be completed because the contents were not compatible with your phone or there was a problem with the connection, it is not in LemonQuest´s policy to make a cash return. Neither will you be reimbursed if you pay for the same contents twice.

LemonQuest reserves the right to give you a different game in exchange for your purchase. If the game could not be properly installed or if you did not receive the game, it will be sent again. One payment permits only one successful download of the game to one particular phone and phone number. As it explains in the section "I have accidentally erased the game from my phone", if by your error you have eliminated the game, you will have to make another payment if you desire to download the game again.

Payment Options
LemonQuest provides the user with three different ways to purchase their desired contents, however some of the options may depend upon whether or not your service provider has that option available. The 3 options are the following:

- PayPal: For more information please see our "PayPal" section.
- Credit Card: Lets customer use Visa or Mastercard to make the purchase from their phone.
- Payment added to your monthly phone bill: The charge will be added to the phone bill that you receive at the end of the month or billing period.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can´t find my country/service provider in the list. What happens if I select a different one that is not mine?
If you cannot find your country or service provider on the list, that means that we cannot provide you with our content at the current time. If you try to select a different country or provider, the purchase will not be possible. We are currently expanding our lists to include more countries and providers, so check back shortly to see if yours has been added.

My particular mobile is not on the list. If I select a similar model, will the contents work on mine?
No. If the exact model number of your mobile is not on the list, this means that the game is not currently available for it. Even if you download the game for a similar model, it will not work on yours so please don´t try. We will not reimburse you for a game that does not work because you downloaded it for a phone that is not your exact model. We are always incorporating more mobiles onto our lists, so please check back with us in the future to see if your mobile has been added to the list of compatible phones.

I want to buy a particular game, but it is not in my language. What can I do?
LemonQuest currently offers the possibility of downloading certain games in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, and Chinese. If your language is not included in that list, you will only be able to download the game in one of the other available languages.

When I try to buy a game a message pops up saying that "This transaction is not possible". What does that mean exactly?
If you receive this message it means that the game is not currently available for your mobile. We are constantly expanding our lists of compatible phones, so come back in the near future to see if your phone has been added to the list.

I´m having problems downloading the game. What could be the problem?
If you are receiving messages that say "The connection has expired" or "Cannot connect to the server", it is most probably because your phone has not been configured to access the WAP/Internet. Get in contact with your service provider to make sure that your phone is configured correctly and has the proper functions activated.

The game I downloaded looks very different from the one that is displayed on your website and in the game trailer. Why is this?
We inform our customers on our website, in the game descriptions, under the images, in the video, and in the online playable demo that these are examples of what the game looks like on medium tier mobiles. If your phone is older or you have a resolution of 176x120 instead of 240x320 like that which is shown on our webpage, the graphics will not be exactly the same. It is also possible that with lower tier mobiles, some games will have simplified graphics, and in the case of some games (for example Circulate), the graphics and gameplay can change quite substantially if you have a lower capacity mobile telephone.

General Information


PayPal is an online payment service that works sort of like a virtual bank. You can use PayPal to pay for the games that you wish to buy in the same way that you would pay with a credit card, but with the added assurance that everything is completely secure. To get more information about PayPal, please go to their official website: PayPal WebSite

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